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13. making a move

Mirek wanted to focus. He desperately wanted to focus, and he was better now, at least, better than those first terror-filled minutes, better than shaking through half-formed memories of fire and glass and noise and light and panicpanicpanic. He was parsing information at least, listening to Gideon, understanding him even if there weren't any specific instructions to follow. He knew the instinctual ones, the ones that Gideon was either too embarrassed to say out loud or completely unaware that he was broadcasting. Stay close. Don't go away. Hold on.

He could do that.

this is really rough, but keep in mind it's nanoCollapse )

12. sirens

Gideon had been playing the piano for two hours, give or take. To be honest, he probably wouldn't have noticed how long it had been if not for the quiet clanging of the grandfather clock against the wall. Mirek had started out sitting next to him on the bench, humming along to the music, but he migrated around the room as the afternoon faded into evening and the sun sank lower in the sky. About halfway into Gideon's playing, Mirek pulled a notebook out of the desk and curled up on the couch with it, writing meticulously with a blue pen he plucked from the desktop. Gideon couldn't see what he was writing from the piano bench, but he couldn't help but be curious.

and then there is irony and panicCollapse )

11. obliviousness

Gideon was barely gone thirty seconds before he ducked back into Mirek's room, eyes on the floor.

he needs a nightlight or a teddy bear or something.Collapse )


10. physical memory

There were three showers and a bathtub in the bathroom, fenced off from each other by institution-style metal dividers, one mirror on the wall by the door. The first floor of the house was lovely, but the second floor smacked strongly of college dormitory, in Gideon's opinion. good thing about dorms: endless hot water supply!Collapse )


09. chess and karuka

Chess was a good way to spend time; Gideon and Mirek dragged the chess table away from the wider window in the open room, into the study up against the curtained, tall window. because chess, like flirtation, is something best done in private.Collapse )

08. seth and holly

It was only the second day of his new life and Mirek was already of two minds about how he was choosing to spend it. On one hand, he was quite enjoying his time with Gideon. And while, yes, some of that was because of the way his stomach bottomed out when Gideon's fingers linked with his, it was also because he felt warm and calm and safe when they were together. His mind didn't linger on the uncertainties brought on by his wiped memory, and when they did, he had someone to talk them out with.

holly and seth and mirek is really about twelve-years-old in regards to his crush.Collapse )

07. jimmy

After breakfast, Gideon suggested poking around outside the house, dragging Mirek out by one hand as had become their usual way of getting around. It was gorgeous out, sunny and warm and aside from the incredibly badly-cared-for landscape inside the fence, the scenery was fairly nice-- trees all around, a dirt road leading away from the house, the sort of foresty landscape that promised cute little deer and rabbits and all that happy Disney crap. "I wonder where we are," Gideon said, walking the perimeter of the fence; Mirek shrugged, their shoulders knocking together comfortably.

"We could be anywhere," he said, pausing to kneel and poke at something scrawny and leafy on the ground. Gideon watched, one brow raised, and Mirek muttered, "Poor, poor daylily."

all daylilies go to heaven.Collapse )


06. day two

After several games of chess with Gideon and no sign of their elusive fourth housemate, Mirek grudgingly admitted that he was tired and bed was probably in order. Gideon agreed, but they still took their time putting the chess pieces back into place and making their way up to their bedrooms, lingering against the wall between their doors, making idle, stilted conversation and leaning close. He couldn't help but wonder what the routine was for their situation, what the procedure was for asking someone with amnesia whether they were really interested in you, especially when you had amnesia as well.

Complicated. That was what it was.

and introducing WaverlyCollapse )

05. and then there was bailey

Letting go of Mirek's hand, Gideon put both palms down on the green felt of the pool table, looking around for cues or racks or anything to go with it. "I know how, I just don't know if I'm any good..." He turned at Mirek's exclamation, looking over his shoulder at the chess set. "I remember chess, too!" Excited, once he started thinking about games, Gideon listed as many as he could mentally; football got the biggest reaction, which would have helped if he remembered what his favorite team was, maybe. "I'm going to go out on a limb and say there's going to be more than three people here," he said when he poked his head into the dining room, eyeing the tables and turning back around. There were big windows on the wall behind the pool table, and he snagged Mirek's hand again, pulling him along to look out of the house for the first time. The first thing he noticed was the fence, though it lay further than a few trees and weedy flowers.

and then there's ridiculous semi-flirtation and a narcoleptic welshmanCollapse )


04. exploration

Meeting Gideon, Mirek had run the gamut of emotions. He was elated and nervous and curious and unsettled and, well, he had learned something new about himself too, when he realized that he was most definitely attracted to him. Very much so, in fact.

and then Alice fell down the rabbit hole. or the stairs. same diff.Collapse )



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The Tabula Rasa Project is a newly developed form of psychological therapy being tested for the first time. The idea is simple: help people with various mental issues and hang-ups by artificially inducing amnesia and guiding the individuals through a therapeutic recovery of their memories.

The project is open to everyone from addicts to criminals--anyone who has a past they wish to erase. The only stipulation is that they agree to have their backgrounds and therapy observed by the team of psychologists and scientists behind the experiment. They also must agree to stay in the Halfway House for the six-month duration of their therapy.

It all seems above the board for the participants, an escape from lives filled with varying degrees of turmoil. Of course, that's before their memories are erased. Once they are the titular blank slates, they're at the mercy of the psychologists in charge, with only the word of their counselors and each other to rely on, and not everyone is telling the truth...


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